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Institution of Suit?
In India, the institution of a suit refers to the formal process of initiating a legal action by filing a plaint in the appropriate court. It is the act of presenting the claim before the court and seeking a legal remedy. The plaintiff, through the plaint, sets out the facts, grounds, and reliefs sought in the case. The institution of a suit involves paying the requisite court fees, submitting the necessary documents, and complying with procedural requirements. Once the suit is properly instituted, the court acquires jurisdiction over the matter and the litigation process begins, leading to subsequent stages such as pleadings, discovery, trial, and judgment.
Summons in a civil case is a legal document issued by the court to notify a defendant of a lawsuit and instruct them to appear in court.
Appearance and Consequences Non-Appearance of Parties
Appearance and non-appearance of parties refers to their presence or absence in a legal proceeding. Parties may physically attend or be represented by legal counsel, signifying their active participation (appearance). Non-appearance occurs when parties are absent, which can have consequences such as dismissal or postponement of proceedings.
Civil Court Practice
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A civil suit, also known as a civil lawsuit or civil action, refers to a legal proceeding initiated by one party against another in a non-criminal context. It is a means to resolve disputes or seek redress for harm, injury, or infringement of rights.

In a civil suit, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant’s actions or omissions have caused them harm and seeks legal remedies such as monetary compensation, specific performance, or injunctive relief.

The civil suit is typically heard in a civil court, where the parties present their arguments, evidence, and legal defenses, and a judge or jury renders a decision based on the preponderance of evidence.

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